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New Markets Media

New Markets Media - Spring Branch & San Angelo Texas USA

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People + Data

Building a reoccurring revenue model is one thing -  mobilizing and monetizing it is another. Most sales proposal breakdowns occur during the presentation.


"Winging it" is an unprofitable option... for everyone.

N.A.S.A. isn't involved. We're not launching people into space. What we are doing is helping your team mine the right data - craft a client-specific plan and deliver a focused presentation that delivers a "yes" and begins - or extends - a business relationship. 

Theories are great for academia - and debate - but not when it comes to successful commercial operations. Practical on-the-street, in-the-field repeatable processes are what we do. We train the trainers and offer group training in real-world circumstances. We build presentations with your team with special attention to how it's offered to the client. 

Removing Anxiety

The pace of business and tech tools development is blistering and we love the way it helps collapse time and improves sales team efficiency. 

The elephant in the room, however, is the proper delivery of crucial data and its presentation in a face-to-face environment. This is the "on-stage" portion of the process that cannot be faked or shortcut by the greatest of animations, digital piecharts or competitive comparisons in the  presentation.


Like you - your prospective client wants to know how your offer solves a problem and outweighs their investment necessary to get it. 

It's Your Story

Every company, large and small, has a story. How it was started, who built it and why. What problems are solved with your products or services?  

Consumers of all types are more in charge of the buying process than ever. The type of connection and the strength of your story helps define your brand and push or pull prospects to or away from you. 

The number of media platforms grows by the day - traditional, social, event, digital - just think of any scenario when a customer or potential customer will have an opportunity to evaluate you or your offer.


If you're too busy working IN your business to work On it - chances are we can help.


Sometimes You Need a Wingman

New Markets Media

The keys to our sales/commercial operations success are; a great customer solutions story - even better customer service and an awesome face-to-face proposal presentation system. 

Where and What You're Telling Customers

Media - All of it. Anywhere.

Reps from every type of media outlet known (and some unknown) to mankind have a pitch about why you should invest with them. TV, Radio, Print, Social and all the Digital offerings. Which ones and how much? Is it really a decent deal? Are you telling your story to the right people or companies? Is it working? All fair questions. 

We can't help you sell ketchup popsicles to women in white gloves, but we can help with most other propositions.


If customers don't hear your story, or can't find it - it doesn't exist. First impressions are first impressions for a reason. Gotta system all salespeople can use successfully? One that counts when they're telling and selling your story to another human being? Until all sales are ecommerce-based, how bout a repeatable process that eliminates Fear and Panic from the sales team presentation process? Doubts? Gotta be a catch - right? Nope, not at all. Holler for more details. We've helped a bunch of folks sleep better at night.